We are a leading healthcare company, based in India, with a vast portfolio of formulations for animal healthcare. Our products range from therapeutic feed suplements to herbal and Ayurvedic formulation for livestock. Our products are manufactured in GMP+ compliant manufacturing units and we are accredited by ISO 9001:2015. We are committed to deliver the best and most reliable Veterinary medicines to our customers. We are driven by our vision to excel in our quality and service we provide to our customers.

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At Oxy group we understand the significance of the health of your animals and how it will impact the production and your business. Our reach from South and central Asia to middle east and Africa is not out of any co-incidence but by our Reliability, that has built trust amongst our clients. Their satisfaction is the badge and proof of our performance and dedication.

We are adding more and more innovative formulations and therapeutic categories to our portfolio and aspire to be serving every aspect of the animal healthcare industry.

We understand that Quality cannot and should not be compromised. We also understand to work within the realm of affordability, to minimise expenditure and maximize profits. And we understand and accept the challenge to deliver both to our clients.


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Dairy / Livestock

Oxy Group is one of the leading manufacturers Exporter of Livestock Dairy Feed Supplements, Dewormer, Ectoparasiticide, Anti-infective, Topical Antiseptics, Pre and Pro Biotic, Multi Vitamins Multi Minerals.


Oxy Group Limited is one of India’s leading animal care companies specializing in 100% natural & safe herbal products. The company’s portfolio includes herbal healthcare and nutritional products catering to a wide range of animal species.

Companion Animals

Oxy Group strives to develop products that are not only effective, but also easy to administer, with special emphasis on the palatability of oral products for cats and dogs.


Oxy Group offer quality Aquaculture Drugs that are highly cost effective. Aquaculture Drugs are recommended on wide spectrum due to their high efficiency and are available in organic form.


Oxy Group is one of the leading manufacturers and exporter of Poultry Medicines with GMP+, HACCP, ISO 9001:2015 certified Plant. Expertise in Poultry Feed, Premixes, Enzymes, Pre and Pro Biotic, Toxin Binder, Growth Promoters.


Oxy Group is one of the leading manufacturers and exporter of Specialties products for different Animals species.

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