Expanding business and providing affordable healthcare has always been the core philosophy of Oxy Group . Following this uncompromised philosophy we actively look forward to partners who can associate us by.


In licensing

Concluding in-licensing agreements with us for their unique formulations and brands to be marketed in Indian and overseas market.


Out licensing

Concluding out-licensing agreements with us for formulations and brands to be marketed in Indian and overseas markets.



Concluding Distribution and Marketing or co-marketing agreements for overseas markets.

Contract Research

Research and development remains the core of novel drug research. At Oxy Group, we believe that learning is an unending curve and hence we always look towards the partners, associates and organization with which we can collaborate and develop a high quality product which not only benefit the industry but also fulfils our mission of high quality affordable veterinary medicines.

Contract Manufacturing

For Oxy Group’s USFDA Compliance and accredited plant from various regulatory authorities across the globe, we actively look for partners to render contract manufacturing services through technology transfer as well.