VetVit A

Composition :

Each ml contains :

Vitamin A ………………………… 1,00,000 IU

  • Product Description

    Benefits :

    • Cover Vitamin A deficiencies and related
    symptoms and lesions
    • Maintains optimum health and immunity.
    • Relieves from stress and provide additional
    strength to tolerate additional stress.
    • Helps to maintain stable egg production with
    higher peaks in layers.
    • Helps to achieve fast growth and more body
    weights in broilers.
    • Improves fertility and hatchability in breeders.

    Dosage :

    per 100 Birds : 5-7 days
    chicks & Broiler starters : 5ml
    Growers, Layers & Broiler Finishers : 10 ml
    Breeders : 10-20ml
    (or) as advised by a veterinarian.

    Presentation :
    100 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr, 5 ltr

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